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Festivals - Log Home Wood Fired PizzaEveryone loves pizza! It’s neither gender, age or race specific. It’s probably the most versatile food around. You can make pizza to suit anyone – from children and teens, which tend to like their pizza simple, to adults, who prefer theirs a little more gourmet. You can use exotic cheeses, interesting meats and all kinds of special toppings. Whether a fair, a football game, a town celebration or just a busy street corner, there’s a good chance that people who like pizza will be there. Even those who say they don’t like it usually mean they don’t care for a specific type of pizza.

People gather around fire – always have, always will. As a mobile wood fired oven caterer, we can be viewed as a carrier of this torch. As we travel around northern Minnesota through cities and towns, we will be rekindling this experience of gathering around the fire and breaking bread.

Check our calendar for where you can find us next!