Grand Rapids Farmers Market

Grand Rapids, MN Farmers Market - Log Home Wood Fired PizzaFarmer grown, organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and maple syrup are offered to patrons. Locally raised meats, free-range chickens and eggs are delivered each day to customers. Artisan breads, sweet treats, jams, jellies and arts and crafts draw in eager buyers. These are the things one would expect to purchase during a visit to the farmers market in the spring, summer and fall.

However, at the Grand Rapids Farmers Market on Wednesdays thru September, you can find us, too! That’s right! We begin our fourth season at the market on Wednesday, May 10. We will be offering our complete menu, including breakfast pizza, and will be entertaining the crowds with our authentic wood fired oven and distinct dining experience.

A new addition this year will be unique pizza specials. We will be incorporating fruits and vegetables from the market in our creations. You won’t want to miss out on this new tradition! So, come out, enjoy your pizza and pick up some fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, meats, breads, jams and jellies to take home for your family!